I had been on a hamster wheel for a long time and thought I had to finally tackle it, followed recommendations, and also had other initial discussions in which I was not as convinced as with Sandra Manich. From day 1 she managed to make me feel like I was understood during our meetings. And that was SO good. A realization that I wasn’t aware of until now. It always felt good, without pressure or judgement. And letting go again…. has strengthened me a lot inside.

Nicole K.

Sandra Manich’s open and empathetic, but never intrusive or exaggerated cordiality makes her a person for me who immediately won my trust. The conversations with her changed my life because I was able to change my basic attitude within a few appointments. It is a completely new quality of life because it has helped me to accept myself and to develop further in the process. Living with my family is much easier because I can cope with and resolve stressful situations more easily.

Elisabeth G.

It is very important to me to recommend Sandra Manich as a coach – and above all as a person – to everyone who is facing a change or challenge in life. Sandra helps like no one else to perceive extraordinary life situations, crises, or changes consciously and to steer the helm in a new direction. She does the whole thing with an incredible amount of heart and empathy. After every visit to her, I didn’t go home, I danced. Thanks for that!

Stephanie R.